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Latest World Of Tanks Blitz Surveillance
Planet of Tanks is the game to play if you`re a lover of tanks. In the get go, several different types of tanks operate, and you advance farther in the tech tree to uncover grade tanks and updates. Even though we already have a World of Tanks game on the PC, the new World of Tanks Blitz which was once only available on iOS and Android is now also playable on the PC. So I went ahead and investigated to see if Blitz is really worth it as a replacement for the standard World of Tanks that was out for several years.
Though it`s an extremely fun game never occurred. I only picked it up once I was bored, and never actually played with it for more a few weeks. Its just one of these games you play when you only want to hop into a game and make something explode. Regardless of this, the genre itself is common. If you have any concerns concerning where and ways to make use of world of tanks blitz cheats, you could contact us at our own page. I even tried World of Tanks Blitz as it first came out and found it pleasurable; but simple it was the same.
Nothing much has changed with this PC version. In fact, its the exact same straightforward game as it was back then. Exactly like in the PC edition of World of Tanks, you are given a simple Tier 1 tank from any nation you pick. By playing you will unlock expertise, credits and gold. Credits are the normal currency you get while playing the game that is used to buy vehicles and new updates where gold is your money that is used to unlock everything somewhat quicker than the rest. The game never was, and isn`t pay to win: you can`t purchase your way directly. Tank or every upgrade includes a minimum required quantity of experience, and you will need to fulfill this sum to use them. So while you can`t skip these requirements using a cash store buy, you may use your wallet to attain premium, which provides experience to you.
Target locked.
Now that we have this from the way, let`s talk about the sport itself. Which are the greatest differences between the standard game and this cellular phone interface (ported now to PC)? The first thing that you`ll shortly find out is that the sport, generally speaking, is simple. The maps are smaller and the sport is simpler (although World of Tanks has never been very difficult). The game seems a bit more in that respect. Games are also a lot quicker than your typical game on the PC. You will find an enemy after just a few seconds of driving into a battle since the maps feel really small, and thus it is somewhat more easy to get into the action than on the PC. My main problem in the standard version is that the maps feel a bit too big. People surprise or are able to conceal you from all sides when you`re driving into the middle of the battlefield. I am aware that its my fault because I can not correct right to the speed of this match, but to me it just seems dull to wait around a corner, hoping for a bad soul to cross by, or waiting for your entire team so you gradually advance. No, I want to go straight into action and blast away with the rockets.
And this is what works so well in the Blitz variant. You still need to play strategically to remain alive as long as possible, however its play hide and seek across a map with the enemy. Among the things is that there`s no artillery either, just like you might in the game that is normal, which means you can not randomly burst. I never liked the artillery, and a lot of individuals seem to agree with this, but destroying a tank that is nowhere near you and unable to see you seems unbalanced.
Considering that the game was created for mobile devices the graphics aren`t on par of that at the desktop version of World of Tanks. Honestly this can scare off people. It absolutely does not come as close at all and it truly feels as if you are currently playing with with a sport. To me it does not matter and I think it seems a lot cleaner. No leaves which can block your opinion or things like this, in general it feels far more fair and balanced.
There`s very little in the way of cover.
Conclusion: Not a PC Contender (3/5)
Despite the games, the easier mechanics, and the absence of artillery, I would still pick the normal World of Tanks version when playing on PC. It offers you longer, and it is merely a larger package in general. Planet of Tanks Blitz is still a fun game, but I frankly do not understand why they created this particular variant available for your PC. Its simply the match with features, and not as far in content releases because the actual PC game is. You can`t play on precisely the same account on the PC and the mobile versions of Blitz either, so I really do not see the point of choosing Blitz over the World of Tanks. If you do not mind the images that is simplistic, and absolutely hate the artillery, Blitz is worth the try. Apart from that, I only ask myself, why bother?
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